Schools Registration for Space Apps challenge – 2021

The International Space Apps Challenge was such a success in its early years that it has now become a global annual event. The purpose of the event is to continue to give people across the globe, an unprecedented opportunity to use NASA data to develop meaningful solutions to help to address critical needs applicable to both life in space and on Earth, and that it becomes a global community of individuals excited about collaborating to advance the frontiers of space science and technology.

We would like to conduct Nasa International Space Apps Challenge in your School. There are no charges as such for any School For Hosting Nasa Space Apps Challenge. Kindly fill this Google form we will discuss further.

Benefits to Institutions:

1. The participants shall get an opportunity to be part of one of the biggest human Endeavor to seed innovation
2. Get connected with innovators around the world, network with mentors and scientists.
3. In the central hackathon, the participants will be given specific Challenges by NASA
4. All participants including those who participate in this hackathon will get a participation certificate.
5. The winners in the hackathon will get a winner’s certificate
6. The Host Institution will get a certificate from Nasa Space Apps Challenge for hosting this Event.
7. Name and Logo of Institutions on Space App India Website and branding in Central Hackathon
8. Institutions can use the logo of SPACE APP INDIA in their websites.

Event Name: NASA Space Apps Challenge 2021 – India
Event Timing: Oct 2nd-4th, 2021
Event Address: Virtual Event